Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Night at the Lights

Tonight for family night we decided to go to dinner at The Spaghetti Factory, and to Temple Square to see the lights. We went with Emma's favorite little cousins Brock and India. It wasn't too cold which was nice. The lights were beautiful and it was just so nice to be there during this season. The Temple is always so breathtaking at night, and it reminds me of my wedding.

Our Busy Christmas

I am so happy and sad at the same time that Christmas is over. It has been crazy the last couple of weeks. I kept forgetting important things, some might of thought I was pregnant..... but I am not, no worries. Josh, Emma and I had a great Christmas. We were able to have Emma all of Christmas Eve, and then we got her the 26th morning, because I had to work Christmas night. It was kind of nice to have her the day after Christmas because then she didn't get so overwhelmed with so may presents at once. Christmas Eve was spent at the Larsen home eating soup and playing bingo, Christmas day was at the Jackson household eating, playing in the snow, and just enjoying the family. It is sad to see the season go but I am excited to see what next year brings, hopefully a new edition.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

Well this is me and Josh's first year to have a Christmas tree, because last year we were in an apartment. There was not much room for anything. We are very proud of our tree. We spent about two hours at Tai Pan trying to figure out what colors to do. Josh was a good sport. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Josh's parents house. The food was delicious, and of course I ate too much. We also went up to my Dad's cabin in Bear Lake with Dustin, Mel, and the twins to cut down Christmas trees. It was pretty nice because there was no snow. Emma was not really a fan, I think she might have just been a little cold. We are so Thankful for our families and all the time we get to spend with them!