Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My beautiful girl

Olivia is now 10 months old and cute as ever. She is getting so big. She has not touched our Christmas tree since the first day we put it up. She crawls like a crazy baby all over. She is very close to walking and we hope one day shortly she will.
Olivia loves to hear herself talk, sometimes a little too much. She smiles at EVERYONE, and I love that about her. She laughs whenever anybody else laughs, and she is always willing to give Mom a big wet kiss. I just love her.

Christmas Lights

Miss Olivia has loved going to look at Christmas lights. One of our favorite places was the zoo. She was so excited to see the animals and the lights. She is such a trooper and never made a fuss. We took her on the carosel for the first time as well. I loved watching her face, because she just smiled the whole time. We also went to Temple Square. Their lights were as beautiful as ever. It wasn't too cold that evening so we could enjoy walking around without freezing. I love Christmastime and all that comes along with it.