Thursday, March 15, 2012

Olivia turns 2!!

I can't believe my little girl is two. Time has really flown by especially the last year with all of the changes we have been through. She is such a big girl. She has a lot of sas but we love her. She is putting sentences together and learning to go potty like a big girl. We miss Daddy so much but he was able to Skype for her whole birthday party. She choose princess's when we were shopping for party supplies. No surprise to me because she is obsessed with Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, and Tangled.
Josh and I are so thankful for the wonderful spirit Olivia has brought into our lives and continues to bring. We love her so much!


Okay so I am way late posting. We had an amazing Christmas minus Josh. We were so fortunate to be home with family. Olivia was a little shy at first when she saw all of her gifts but warmed up very quickly. I think she is really getting the hang of opening presents. I loved watching her expressions everytime she opened a new gift. Josh did a great job and got me my camera of my dreams. Now I just have to learn all the functions.