Sunday, January 30, 2011

My little girl

Miss Olivia is just too cute. Today while eating lunch she decided she would like to wear her sunglasses. I just had to post pictures because it was so cute. I guess she is like her Mom, we love our sunglasses.

Our trip to Alabama

Olivia and I took a trip out to Alabama to visit Josh while he out there for some training. This was Olivia's first commercial plane ride and she did pretty well. She slept part of the way both times and played on the empty seat the rest of the flights. She did really well with landing and take-off. We had a lot of fun visiting Josh. Olivia was so excited to see her Daddy. I met a lot of new friends while I was there. We went to the zoo, an aquarium, on walks, shopping, and lots of good eating places. The weather was just slightly warmer than here, but of course the day we left it was 70 degrees. We were so thankful we were able to go see Josh, it would have been a long 5 weeks without him. Only 1 more week to go and we will all be together again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Olivia's Rash

So these last few weeks have been pretty interesting to say the least. Olivia started with a high fever, cough, and a runny nose on Dec. 23rd. I was a little worried because her fever was so high, but Josh said lets just wait a couple days. She was pretty miserable Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day but she still managed to smile and play a bit with her toys. Sunday the 26th her fever was so high that we decided first thing Monday morning it was time to take her in. Well bad Mom of the year right here Olivia had a double ear infection and the left one had ruptured. Ouch. The Doctor put her on Amoxicillin (not my drug of choice) and 4 days later she was still having high fevers. We went to an insta-care New Years Eve and the Dr. there told us her ears looked like they were healing. Ya right not sure what he was looking at. Two days later Josh left for a 5 week long training in Alabama. The next morning Olivia woke up covered head to toe with hives. Back to her regular Dr. we go and................. ear infection was still there, along with an allergy to Amoxicillin, and a nasty cold virus. Today she is much improved after 5 days on a Zpack an we finall we have our little Olivia back.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Olivia's First Christmas

We had an exciting first Christmas with Olivia. She did better opening presents than we thought. She would tear open the packages and get really excited for what was inside. Christmas Eve we went to Josh's parents house. In the morning we went shooting ( my first time ever) and I actually hit 2 clay pigeons out of 20. I would say not bad for my first time. That night we of course played BINGO with everyone and opened presents. We decided to stay there overnight so Grandpa and Grandma could see Olivia's first Christmas morning. We then came home after presents were opened, showered, and headed off to my Dad's for the day. We had a really yummy dinner and then the kids just played forever. It was so nice to be with family. We really take advantage of having them around us. Next year we won't be living here but hopefully we can come home for the holidays.