Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Trip to Disney World

We wanted to have one last big trip before Josh deployed, and since we are so close to Florida off to Disney World we went. Josh's brother and his wife flew from Utah to met us there. It was such a great trip. The weather was perfect, the lines were short and Olivia LOVED it. It was so wonderful to see her face light up when she saw princesses, the castle, Mickey, Minnie, parades, fireworks and so on. She loved the rides and was not scared or nervous of anything. She truly made our trip worth it. We loved spending quality time with Josh before he left. On the way down we spent a night at St. Augustine. This was such a cute little beach town. It was so fun having Jordan and Chari with us. Josh and I were able to go on so many rides together, and we just loved having the extra company. Now that Josh is away Olivia and I will cherish the memories and wait for his return back.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Date Night at Millpond

One of our really good friends is PCS's to Las Vegas. It is so sad to leave because in the few weeks of knowing her we got really close. Olivia had a big crush on her little boy. She loved playing with Micah. Looks like we will be taking a few trips out to see her in Vegas. Good Luck Kimber, Brad, and Micah!!!