Sunday, February 8, 2009

Josh is 30!!!

So Josh really doesn't like parties but it was his 30th birthday how could I not throw him a party. I tried to make it a suprise but I think he figured it out earlier on Saturday, I guess its the thought that counts. It was a great success both families were there along with some friends. I made Cafe Rio pulled pork burritos which is Josh's favorite meal. My husband is so great and he does so much for me, I just wanted him to know how special he is. He said that was the best party he has ever had. He married the right girl for good parties.

A quick trip

I went to Denver for the first part of the week to visit one my dear friend Sarah Cross. She was living with her parents while her husband in in Iraq. I really envy her because she was making the long trip back to Misawa Japan alone with her 7 month old. Plus he was sick with RSV for the trip back. It was so good to see her, Josh and I met them in Arizona and it was so sad to part ways when we moved. Maybe one day we will live in the same state for 3 years.