Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Getaway

Josh pampered me with a little getaway for my birthday. We went down to The Little America, had dinner at Settebello's, saw a movie, had an absolutely delicious breakfast at their cafe, and walked around Temple Square. It was so nice to have a night all to ourselves. My family was so great to watch our little one for the night. Thank you Josh I had a fabulous birthday!!!!

8 months and counting

Miss Olivia is 8 1/2 months old. She is getting so big. She is army crawling all over the house. She even learned how to crawl up the stairs. She is starting to get into everything. She has such a cute and fun personality, and she is hardly ever fussy. We are truly blessed to have such a special little girl.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trying a Lemon

Miss Olivia is getting so big she is 8 months old now. She is eating food so well. She is very good at picking up finger foods with her hands. Her new favorite things is to lick lemons and limes. Every time we are out we let her try our lemons. At first she was a little unsure, but she really seems to like the taste. She is such a joy and she is always happy. She is the fastest "army" crawler out there. I turn my back for one second and she is across the room. I just love my little girl.

Visiting Daddy at Work

Miss Olivia loves going to Josh's work and watching the jets fly. We have had a lot of opportunity's in the last little while to watch a lot of friends take their "fini" flight in the F-16. She looks so cute in her earmuffs and she always keeps them on. We love every opportunity we can get to spend time with Josh at work.