Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Washington DC

Josh and I decided to take off to Washington DC over Memorial weekend. We all had a blast, even Miss Olivia. We stayed in Old Town Alexandria, and took the Metro into DC each day. It was so amazing to be there over Memorial Weekend, especially our visit to Arlington Cemetery. We were able to see almost everything in 4 days. Each day was packed , but we also made time for relaxing as well. I was really excited to see everything in person, including all of the Smithsonian Museums. Living on the East coast has its advantages, we definitely will need to go back, maybe next Memorial Day...........

First Day of Many at the Beach

We took off to Charleston, for our first official beach trip a few weekends ago. Olivia loved the beach, just like her Mama. She loved playing in the sand, not without a few tears when she rubbed her eyes. She is still learning about things, but she always does everything with a smile. I love the fact that we are less than two hours from the ocean.

Columbus Zoo

We made our first trip to the Zoo out here with my some of our new friends. Olivia loved it, and it was a beautiful Zoo. They also had a gorgeous Bontanical Gardens, we definitely will be getting a Zoo pass.

Playing Outside

It's a good thing we live somewhere warm, because Olivia just loves playing outside, especially with her new golf clubs. We spend a lot of our days outside or at the park. Just love warm weather.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jake's Commissioning

Josh was able to come to Utah for a few days around Easter for his brothers commissioning to the Army. His brother Jake asked him a while back, so it was an honor for us to be there and support his wish. Josh was able to commission him in, so it was pretty neat to watch. Good luck Jake!!


We were so happy that we were able to be in Utah for Easter. Josh was TDY to Las Vegas, so I stayed with my Dad for 15 days. It was so nice to be home and around family and friends once again. Olivia loved hunting for eggs and she especially loved eating the candy. Our trip ended far too quickly and it was back to South Carolina for us. We already miss our family soooo much. Olivia picks up the phone and says "Grandpa." It makes me so sad to be so far away.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Our Anniversary was a bit different this year. We had only been here for 3 days, and we knew nobody. So it was all 3 of us off to dinner and shopping. Not a good idea, Josh was sick from a tetnus shot and Olivia was really on one that night. How I miss the joys of having family around to help out. Happy 4 year anniversary to my love.

Our Week in TLF's

We had to stay in temporary housing on base for a week until our household goods arrived. This was definitely a long week in a one bedroom apartment. The kitchen had only a few pots and pans, and Olivia was going a bit crazy with the same toys over and over. We were so happy to finally get into our home, even if unpacking is so time consuming.

Our trip across the US to South Carolina

I was not looking forward to driving for 6 days, but this trip turned out not too bad. We started our journey driving 6 hours to Cheyenne, Wy were we stayed at The Little America. It was a nice little break, and a fun hotel. Early the next morning we were on our wau to Council Bluffs, Iowa to visit Josh's brother and his wife. We stayed 2 nights there (another break for Olivia), and while we were there we visited the most amazing zoo. I highly recommend visiting the Omaha Zoo. I can see why it is rated one of the best zoo's. The next drive was the LONGEST of all, 12 hours to Columbus, OH. Josh and I were going a bit crazy, meanwhile Olivia was just happy to eat snacks and watch Signing Time over and over and over. About 30 minutes from our destination Josh was feeling very nauseous. Not fun for him, we ended pullling over for a few minutes. Thankfully we were close to our ending point, so I drove quickly to my best friend Brooklynn's home. It was so nice to see her and her family. I just love her kiddos, they are so precious. We went to another amazing zoo, and ate lots of yummy food. I was so sad to leave after 2 nights, but Josh needed to get to work shortly. We had one more stop, Josh's friend from pilot training in Knoxsville, TN. That night Olivia started really walking, of course we had to grab the video camera. It was fun sharing this moment with friends. And finally........... a quick 4 hour drive and we were here. It is a lot different from Utah, but very beautiful. We are still trying to settle in, but here are a few pics along the way.