Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Josh and I went on a little getaway to Mexico last week. It was so much fun. It was beautiful, warm and just nice to be together alone. We did get stuck in the middle of hurricane Ida, but we still had a great time despite the winds and rain. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which was perfect. The resort was gorgeous and the food was amazing. Josh loved Mexico especially, because he was able to speak spanish for an entire week. It was good for him to freshen up on his skills.

Welcome Home Josh!

Well Josh finally made it home a few weeks ago. It was the best homecoming anyone could have asked for. It really felt like Christmas morning, but much better of course. Josh came home on the main body, so he got to sit in first class for 24 hours. Lets just say he was nice and rested by the time he got home. It is so great to have my husband back in town. He is so wonderful.